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Hi, I’m Kelly and I want to take this opportunity for you to find out more about me and the ethos behind what I do. I am very proud to welcome you to Aesthetic Beauty by Kelly McCready. I have been nursing for 20 years and live with my family in Steyning. I am really proud to have created a warm and welcoming clinic in my home. Nursing is a profession I am honored to be part of. High standards, safety and positive experience have always been of real importance to me. Safety is addressed at Aesthetic Beauty through my senior nursing experience, continuous up to date education, health and safety measures and standards adhered to. Prescriptions are carried out with a face to face consultation with a doctor, in line with General Medical Council guidelines. Beauty means different things to different people. I recognise that external aesthetics is about how you feel about yourself and not about how others see you, so I offer a professional, bespoke service that recognises this. My desire is to increase self esteem and confidence by helping those I treat to look the best they can for the age they are. Misconceptions of aesthetics exist. From interviewing many ladies, I have found that there are myths and fears that stop those who would like treatment from taking the next step. An example of these misconceptions are: - ‘I don’t Botox because the effect is permanent’ This is not true, the effects last 3-4 months. ‘Chemicals in peels scare me’ The glycolic acid derives from sugar cane. ‘I don’t want to look like Lesley Ash’ She had silicone filler which doesn’t breakdown, now we use Hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the body, it is broken down over a matter of months. ‘Botox will make my wrinkles worse’ Not true, by reducing the movement of the muscles wrinkles stop getting worse, therefore if you stop having wrinkle relaxing injections they will at worse appear the same as before treatment. ‘I don’t want all my skin to peel off’ A skin peel exfoliates the skin without damaging it over a few days following the treatment, it doesn’t come off in a sheet. ‘I never knew that!’ A common statement in discussion, there is a definite trend of misunderstanding treatments leading to fear of the unknown. I will be addressing these myths and presenting the evidence to alleviate any concern in regular blogs – so make sure you check my blog page regularly to keep up-to-date with all the latest Aesthetic Beauty news and advice! As well providing treatment with scientific evidence I believe in waking the wonders of nature to release the beauty secrets of our own skin. Natural substances offer more ingredients and influence in aesthetic treatments than many would think, and I will be illustrating this in many social media posts. Aesthetics is the fastest growing area of medicine. Injectable treatments, like wrinkle relaxing injections (aka Botox) and dermal fillers are more common place, aided by the increased open use by celebrities. Also, aesthetics treatments reach further than injectables. Skin rejuvenation is offered in the form of other treatments i.e. skin peels and collagen induction therapy. Improving the condition of the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, evening skin tone all add to our glow alone and protect the investment made with injectable treatments. Please see my website for more information on my services. Come and visit for a free, no obligation, no pressure consultation. During this visit, you can discuss what you’d like to achieve through our treatment, any concerns you may have, and to improve your understanding to enable us to find the perfect treatment plan for you. I look forward to welcoming you to the Aesthetic Beauty clinic very soon.

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