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About Kelly

I recognise that external aesthetics is about how you feel about yourself and not about how others see you, so I offer a professional, bespoke service that recognises this.

Come along for no obligation, no pressure consultation. During this visit, you can discuss what you’d like to achieve through our treatment, any concerns you may have, and to improve your understanding to enable me to find the perfect treatment plan for you.



Kelly McCready

I have gained a thorough understanding of the issues that make some ladies, who would like to have cosmetic treatment, hesitate. Through my knowledge and own personal experience, I provide the information needed to make an informed decision.


As a Master of Science, I understand and respects my clients interest in procedures and understand the importance of being a conscious consumer.

Don't just take my word for it

What my customers say about my service

"I am a woman in my fourties and wanted something to give me back some of my glow. I went to see Kelly and she suggested a skin peel. The treatment was actually quite relaxing. It left my skin feeling soft, clean and looking bright."

"I have wanted to get rid of my forehead and crows feet wrinkles for ages. I am needle phobic  so was nervous, I went for a consultation with Kelly and she helped put my mind at rest. I love the results and I will definitely have it done again!"

"Microneedling appealed to me because it was natural option to reduce the aging I had noticed on my face . I am really pleased with my skin now, it looks brighter and plumper"

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