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What to expect

*Consultations will be preformed virtually online.
* The link to Patient Covid-19 Pre- Appointment wellness questionnaire and all consent forms will be sent electronically to be understood prior to appointment, this will significantly reduce the time in the clinical area.
* Patients should be advised that in the absence of prereading questionnaires their treatment may be delayed. If any questions arise at this stage contact me prior to appointment to discuss to reduce the time you will be in clinic.
* Appointments will be managed to allow for adequate spacing between patients in order for sanitisation of the treatment rooms and other areas.
* Only those persons with an appointment into the clinic and notify patients beforehand not to attend clinic with friends, family or children.
* On arrival the client must use a hand sanitiser.
* Lavatory facilities will not be accessible to reduce touch points.
* Clients will be asked to wear masks to remain in place for as long as possible for additional protection.
* We will continue to adhere to and communicate the “no handshake or hugging” policy.
* Temperature screen using a non-touch thermal thermometer . If temperature over 37.3°C. you can not be treated 
* Do not to attend if feeling unwell, has members of household unwell, has a temperature or any other symptoms of Covid-19.
* A 15-day restriction on treating patients who have travelled overseas, across the UK or have attended an event.
* Treatment couch to have disposable couch roll only. 
* I will wear face mask, gloves and apron at all times and visor during treatment as per government guidelines - these available online.
* Disposable face towels will be used only.
* Treatment couch, counters, trolleys, mirrors, handles, iPad etc., will be decontaminated between clients.
* All unnecessary items and equipment will be removed from  clinic room and counter tops.
* All product sales and products will be removed from counter tops.
* PRP is a high risk treatment and will not be offered until such time it is considered safe.
* Aftercare advice sheets will be sent electronically.
* Follow up/review appointments will be performed virtually online and in clinic appointment can be arranged if necessary.
* Only card payments.

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