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Menopause and YOUR Skin.

As well as the sometimes overwhelming effects of the menopause on our physical and emotional wellbeing it also leads to unwanted effects on the skin. Estrogen is much reduced in peri and post-menopausal women and unfortunately is plays a massive part in the factors that affect aging. Estrogen plays a significant part in the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis of the skin. These proteins give the skin plumpness and suppleness; therefore, these are both lost. It also leads to a reduced production of melanin which helps protect our skin from the harmful effect of UV rays. This obviously makes us more likely to suffer sun damage causing discolouration, sun spots, wrinkles and sagging. Any damage we suffer prior to this change in our lives can be partly repaired, however skin cell turnover is now reduced also which means the ability to repair this damage is negatively affected. As if this is not enough reduced estrogen levels lead to a redistribution of fat. This leads to sagging in the face as this movement of fat means areas of the face no longer are supported by fat cells. These hormone changes also cause the skin to produce more oils in some areas of the face, generally the lower third. This causes some ladies to experience breakouts/acne even if they have never suffered with it before. However very frustratingly the skin also suffers from being drier at the same time. What can you do? Obviously replacing hormones is an option for dealing with the symptoms of the menopause but is not for all and something that needs to be discussed in length with you GP, further advice is available For action related to your skin firstly prevention is better than cure, so sun protection is vital. Collagen induction therapy is a natural treatment proven to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Its non-invasive, using micro puncture in the skin to simulate the body’s natural ability to increase production of both proteins, leading to plumper, brighter skin, even skin tone and a reduction in lines and wrinkles. The needling process also breaks down the excess melanin which reduces sun spots and hyperpigmentation. The lack of hydration and breakouts are well treated with skin peels with our added personalised boosters. By removing the dead skin cells this level of exfoliation the skin clears the trapped oils that cause the pimples and spots. It aids the breakdown of hyperpigmentation within the skin. The glycolic acid is very moisturising its self for the skin and the action of removing the dead skin means that all topical skin care is more effectively absorbed. The sagging and deep lines caused by the reduction in collagen and redistribution of fat in the lower face can be quickly and very effectively treated with dermal fillers. Clients are always delighted with how they dramatically improve the appearance of looking sad/unhappy around the mouth. Upper face lines are more obvious especially the crow’s feet and forehead, this is because the movement of the muscles below the thinning skin causes the appearance of the creasing is much pronounced. Wrinkle relaxing injection relax these muscles and therefore the creasing is eliminated, and these lines can melt away. The right treatment for you can be planned with an experienced, highly qualified aesthetic practitioner.

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