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Invest in your skin by having a good cleansing routine

There are many myths, misunderstandings and mistakes related to something as simple as washing your face.

Even though we know it is something we should do, I am often asked: When is the best time to cleanse and how?

Cleansing is the first step of the skincare regime. It is an important one that is as essential as cleaning your teeth. There is no sense in investing in our skin if we aren't giving it the best chance.

Myth: Using strong cleansers or soap over-strips the skin and reduces its natural barrier, so it's often thought that cleansing with only water is better for your skin.

However, the issue for your skin is that water alone does not remove makeup and the environmental build-ups of debris. So using just water can leave the skin open to free radical damage, leading to increased sensitivity, ageing, and blocked pores, causing congestion and breakouts.

Fact: Surfactants are required to break the surface tension of water and allow water and oil to bond; therefore, cleansing is better than water alone. However, not all preparations are the same so using the right solution for your skin is best.

Cleansing for your skin type

For oily, more resilient skin, A foaming cleanser removes excess oil. But be aware not all are the same. For example, added acids for very congested skin increase the cleansing power for acne bacteria. In addition, some foaming cleansers are harsh, and we should use natural surfactants and look for added ingredients such as aloe to soothe and nourish the skin at the same time.

Drier skin is more prone to wrinkling, and as the skin ages, it is less able to hold moisture. Hence, a cream cleanser with natural oils used with water clears the debris and locks in moisture preventing the tight feeling that often follows cleansing the face.

  • Some skins are sensitive and need TLC but without the added oil. In this case, a cream cleanser with water without this oil is best.

Cleansing routine:

Once you have the right cleanser for your skin, cleansing is best carried out in the morning and at night:

  • A single cleanse to remove night-time skincare residue, such as retinol, is required in the morning.

  • At night a double cleanse will remove the makeup and debris of the day.

If you need any help with cleansing choices or skin care issues, please book your consultations today by clicking this link.

Skincare support can be carried out via video call support, so no matter where you are, I can help you get the brighter, smoother, glowing skin you want.

x Kelly

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