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Go low and slow at bed time....with Retinol!

After sun protection factor retinol is the best thing for anti ageing. Derived from vitamin A retinol binds to retinoic acid receptors, specific genes activating a specific biological response.

In the skin this relates to epithelial cell proliferation and differentiation, immune modulation, stimulation of the creation of new blood cells, production of collagen, reducing the breakdown of existing collagen and is an anti-oxidant protecting the skins proteins from free radical damage.

Why do we care?

This all means we make more younger skin helping with the ageing process, it reduces over keratinisation of the skin to help with clogged pores and acne, improves the condition of the skin and the appearance of rosacea and inhibits the chance transferring excess melanin. It has benefits to all skin.

Using sophisticated encapsulated retinol insures that it is bioavailable to be used by the skin. Encapsulated formulas can penetrate the skin where there is more moisture activating its release to be effectively utilised.

It is only to be used at night it breaks down in the sunlight and makes your skin less protected from UV rays. Always wash the skin face in the morning and using SPF. It is also not appropriate for use in pregnant ladies or lactation.

Because it is a very active ingredient and has wonderful benefits. As it’s so active it can cause the skin can become pink if introduced to quickly.

Always start low and go slow! This means to start using a retinol with a lower percentage and introduce it to your skincare regime at night slowly. I would suggest twice a week increasing on a weekly basis to skin tolerates using every day.

The retinol products I use are all encapsulated and more bioavailable so even if you’ve been using retinal products in the past if they’re not medical grade I always suggest starting with the lowest percentage and build up.

Significant benefits of retinol can be seen in 6 to 8 weeks and are a significant part of any skin care regime. Take advice to ensure the best time to start getting the benefits of this super skin product.

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