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Chemical peels - What is the process and what are the benefits?

The term chemical peel conjures horrifying visions of skull and crossbones, hazmat suits, whole sheets of skin peeling off the face, hiding away for weeks to recover.

Good news; that is not true. YAY!

Chemical peels, also known as skin peels, are carried out to cause controlled damage to the skin's outer surface to stimulate new skin, improve texture, tone, and brighter skin.

There are different levels of controlled damage superficial, medium and deep. The deeper the peel, the more dramatic the effect and the longer the recovery time.

Superficial peels reduce the PH of the outer layer of the skin; this loosens the bonds of the dead skin cells, causing an exfoliation. This promotes the removal of old skin cells, which replenishes itself with new, younger cells.

In addition to this exfoliation, medium depth peels cause some protein coagulation in the slightly deeper layers of the skin, which induces a process that increases new skin cells that also generate collagen production.

Exfoliation, new skin cells and boosted collagen levels give us smoother, brighter, more radiant skin.

Benefits for different skin types -

  • In ageing, the removal of dead, dull skin cells gives us a radiance, and the increased production of collagen reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and plumps the skin.

  • In acne-prone oily skin, the removal of dead skin cells reduces the ability of the pores to trap oil and bacteria causing pimples and spots. The process also reduces pore size.

  • Hyperpigmentation is reduced as the outer layers of skin are lifted, increasing the ability to deepen penetration of topical ingredients.

  • The poor texture of rosacea skin can be helped with superficial peels to improve skin health.

I offer superficial and medium depth peels. Regular peels ensure the skin gets used to the process and promotes the skin not to react to the trauma caused by deep peels, minimises any side effects, and achieves maximum benefits.

As beautiful, bright and radiant skin takes time to achieve, treatment is advised as a course, although a single treatment will give an immediate brightening effect.

Peels can be used to treat different body parts, including face, back, neck, arms, hands, and decolletage.

During the procedure, your skin is thoroughly cleaned before a mask treatment is applied, followed by the appropriate peel solution brushed onto the skin. The solution activates in up to five minutes before being removed with a neutralising solution or neutralising itself, followed in some cases with a boosting treatment and then brighten enhancer, finishing off with a soothing balm and SPF. The treatment will last about 30 minutes, and you can be back to your routine the same day.

Due to the nature of these peels, you should not necessarily expect to see peeling skin after, although you may experience flaking in some areas. There may be some redness to the skin for up to 12 hours post-treatment. Do not apply make-up to your face until the day after treatment to allow the skin to rest overnight. You will go home with a pack of products and instructions for the following days.

Peels are a forgotten treatment and offer many benefits to many people. Please get in touch with me to discuss or book yours today.

Ph: 01903 812374


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