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Younger skin-naturally!

Do you prefer a natural approach to skin care and beauty? Injectable treatments not for you, but you still want that boost you get from having smoother and brighter skin?

Want to diminish the fine lines and poor skin condition that is not targeted by wrinkle relaxing injections of dermal filler?

I understand that to some people ‘putting stuff’ into their body doesn’t appeal. Whether it is nerves or just favouring a natural approach, microneedling could be for you.

Hailed the answer to skin benefits for the over 40s!

This treatment is a favourite of mine I have experienced great results, especially in areas difficult to treat with injectables. This makes it a great addition to wrinkle relaxing injection and dermal fillers making an overall great package of treatment.

It is very popular with ladies who want a very natural and subtle effect of antiaging treatment

Microneedling, also know as collagen induction therapy, is an aesthetic procedure in which your own skin produces the results.

These results include smoothing lines and wrinkles, improving sagging of the skin, lips lines, large pores, acne scars, scarring, stretch marks and sun/age spots.

All these benefits are achieved by harnessing the bodies innate ability to repair its self and produce collagen.

These processes are activated via micropuncturing the skin. These punctures are delivered to the skin with tiny needles either in the form of a roller or pen device. These punctures active the ‘healing’ process in the skin which makes it produce increased levels of collagen.

The increased collagen in the skin improves the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging skin by plumping the skin. The diminished appearance of scars and sun spots is achieved by breaking down scar tissue and excess melanin.

The proceducure its self takes around 30-40mins. The appointment time is expended if needle depth requires anaesthetic cream for your comfort prior to mirconeedling.

The skin is cleansed twice to ensure safety and areas of the skin are treated individually by passing the pen device or roller over the skin surface.

Dermapen 3MD is the pen device used and is a revolutionary small hand-held device that delivers up to 1300 micro punctures to the skin per second, with varying needle depths and speed control. For treating issues that require deeper needle depth, a local anaesthetic cream is applied prior to treatment. For more shallow treatments this is not required and is generally painless. People do report mild discomfort in some areas, but this is usually short lived.

Genuine Dermaroller is a hand-held rolling device that is studded with 100 micro needles. It is rolled over the skin to create micro puncture wounds to the skin. As the needle depth isn’t adaptable, anaesthetic cream is applied and there will be some discomfort during your treatment. The skin will feel like its sunburnt for a few hours after treatment.

I am often asked What are the benefits of Dermapen 3MD compared to other microneedling devices? It’s considered more effective due to the control of speed and needle depth for the benefit of treating various issues and different layers of the skin. It can target areas other devices can’t.

After the micropuctures are delivered the skin is soothed with a mask or soothing gauze then calming cream and sun block with be applied before you leave.

You will go home with a nourishing repair cream to use to 48 hours and you must apply sun screen SPF 50 for al least 2 weeks following each treatment. You will be given specific after care before you go home

There is short down time with pink/red skin for upto 24/36 hours.

After treatment you’ll recognise an improvement to the skin approximately three weeks after your first treatment, optimizing at around 6 weeks.

For the best results, a course of three to five treatments is recommended – four to six weeks apart – depending on your skin issues and the areas requiring treatment. Your skin will then continue to improve for up to 12 months and we recommend one to two treatments per year.

Let this treatment give you the skin you know you want.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any more information.

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