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To wipe or not to wipe!

Yes, they are so easy, quick and yes, they are better than not washing your face in the short term but an effective part of your skin care – sorry no they are not! Leading skin care experts suggest what they do is smear dirt, bacteria, oil and pore clogging debris around the face. Clogging the pores leads to spots and black heads They contain antibacterial chemicals to preserve them in the packaging and these chemicals can irritate the skin. This irritation is also aggravated by the action of rubbing your skin with wipes. This can lead to changes in pigmentation, so these dark patches/spots that we all want to avoid it also increases the presence of wrinkles because of damage to the delicate structure of the skin. Now even the least vain of us don’t want more wrinkles. I have used them after a late night and I have to say I can feel it in the morning my skin feels tight and sore, I would say I would rather have left my make up on, but that is a personal feeling. They do have their place when time or motivation is scarce, but I would urge you to at least rinse your skin afterwards to remove the ingredients of the wipes. Look even after a lot of Proseccos we make it to the bathroom to clean our teeth so could manage to splash some water in the direction of the face! Another aspect of using wipes is the environmental impact, it can take 100 years to break down in land fill! Right now I know you must be convinced there is a better way! A gentle foam cleaner doesn’t have to be expensive. The important point to convey in relation to fac

e wipes is cleansing your skin needs to leave it with nothing on it. I meet ladies who pay for treatments and buy luxurious moisturisers and still use wipes. Its time to protect your investment. I recognize that not all wipes contain the harsh chemicals others but still the action of the wipes remains. So, in summary they have their place but need to be used in the right way and best not used all the time.

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